Residential Renovation — Islesboro, Maine

DEL Studio Architects was commissioned to renovate an existing one story waterfront cottage in Islesboro, Maine. The goal was to increase the views to the water from the Living Area and Kitchen. A Master Bedroom and Bath was provided, along with an access ladder to a new Loft Area above the Master Suite.

Renovated Entry and Deck

Existing Entry at Kitchen

East Elevation

North Elevation

Living Room


St. Peter’s on Capitol Hill

St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church on Capitol Hill has long experienced water intrusion at the bell tower, which has caused the deterioration of exterior elements and interior finishes. Stains, deterioration of mortar, and termite damage have led to the need to address these issues in an orderly and comprehensive fashion for future action. A design and construction team was engaged to determine sources of water intrusion and ultimately recommend a plan of action to cure the various defects. DEL Studio Architects team leads the project.

A Guide to the Home Renovation/Additions Process